Sales is an important component of any business. Industry leaders use tools on a daily basis to control and increase profits.


Marketing is an art that must be trained every manager. The correct strategy is all profitable and high quality results.


Success - a dish which consists of a plurality of components. The more you practice, the faster and tastier get your lunch.

Neil Billock

Neil Billock, a name synonymous with sales and marketing excellence,
has once again made it to the headlines of the tech industry.

Neil has been named among the recipients of “Top Tech Exec Award”,
an award presented by San Diego magazine to recognize distinguishable
talents from the world of technology.

Upon being contacted, a spokesperson of San Diego Magazine shed some light on the accolade. – Neil is an Avid surfer and reader.


Direct Marketing

Neil Billock, presently, lends his expertise to VDMG

Vertical Direct Marketing Group – a prominent direct marketing company with a comprehensive spectrum of services for all types of businesses to reach their target customers. Neil heads the sales and marketing divisions of the company, playing an instrumental role in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies for the acquisition of new clients.

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VDMG is growing

VDMG is growing at a phenomenal pace,
with Neil being one of the major contributors for the success.

In the days to come, if VDMG continues on its path of growth,
Neil Billock will surely be seen a lot often in the headlines of tech industry.

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